A Little Winter Fishing

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog and it’s been a while since I have photographed anything for myself. So, over the holidays I took an afternoon off, found a fun crew to brave the cold (ten degrees) and throw a few lines while I photographed them.
Caught a few, lost the big one, but had a ton of laughs…couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon!
Here’s what I shot…enjoy!

-Shanna Mae



A Montana Wedding- David & Larinda

David & Larinda
A Western Montana Wedding
Twin Bridges, Montana 2015

The moment Larinda asked me to be a part of her and David’s big day I was beyond excited! I had photographed her sister’s wedding last winter and knew that both of their styles were similar; bright, colorful, and super funky!
Pistols, roses, cattle, and western; this wedding had it all.
My assistant Melissa insists that this family needs to go into the alter making business, look at all of that detail and work!
Having their wedding on a 100+ degree day didn’t stop this fun couple and their wedding party from having fun…..or us photographers for that matter!
The affection David has for Larinda is written all over his face and I absolutely love the amount of love these families have for David and Larinda. Everyone had a part in this wedding whether it was building the alter, officiating the ceremony, decorating the reception hall, or preparing an awesome meal for all of the guests; everyone did a fantastic job!
May you both have the happiest of days ahead of you and many many wonderful years together! Thank you so much for asking me to be there to capture these beautiful moments!

-Shanna Mae

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Sweet, Backyard Montana Wedding


Bill & Alicia’s wedding was held on May 10th, 2015 at the residence of Alicia’s parents; the day was absolutely gorgeous, we could’ve have asked for more beautiful weather.
I absolutely LOVED photographing this intimate backyard wedding and being surrounded with so much love and support from their family and friends made it even better.
There were stories shared, beers drank, crazy dance moves shown off and lots of cake in the face by more than just Bill & Alicia! haha

Where to start. I’ve known Alicia almost my entire life. We were the best of friends all through school, I was always hanging out at her house, we went to all of each others birthday parties, our dads worked together, I’ve seen her eat half of a hot pepper on a dare and guzzle tons of milk afterwards and I’ve witnessed her run out into the middle of the street to save a unique looking bug; too many stories to share! I also have her and her younger sister Katie for introducing me to the man I’ve been dating for a while!
I have never seen Alicia more happy than I did on her wedding day and I am so glad she chose me to capture her beautiful day.
Alicia, you looked absolutely stunning in your gown walking down the aisle…and I think the look on Bill’s face says it all.
As for Bill, I’ve only known him for the past few years and have had the opportunity to get to know him during pool leagues, softball tournaments, our shed hunting excursions, the Ennis Annual Hunter’s Feed, and just hanging out with all of our friends.
I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and adventure. You have a beautiful family and have so many family members and friends supporting you throughout this exciting time and you know they will always be there for you!
Thank you for asking me to be there to watch you (FINALLY) tie the knot!

-Shanna Mae


Siem Reap and the Chong Kneas Floating Village

For those of you who have been expecting and patiently waiting to see photos, while our team is on this trip in Asia, I sincerely apologize as we have been super busy traveling to these countries and trying to organize our thoughts.
I want to start this photo blog entry for this past Sunday when our team arrived in Siem Reap and visited the floating village of Chong Kneas. This is the day that hit a lot of us kind of hard and opened the eyes of some of the women in our group to what some people truly go through in other parts of the world.  This village is home to thousands of families who have no citizenship in Cambodia and the sad part is that this place has become a tourist attraction. Most of the people we saw while visiting this village were so unaware of where they were at and how the people in this village live, it was sad.
To me, this place was inspiration. It was exactly what I came to photograph so we can show all of you what it’s really like. Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely hard for me to photograph these people and their homes and be “ok” with it.
There is so much to say about this village but I finish this entry on this note: Underneath all of the hardships, dirt, and grime, if you stop to actually take a look, you will see those beaming smiles and know that there is hope for these children. You can see it in their eyes and you can see it in their mothers’ eyes.
Here are a few of my favorite photos from that afternoon. We were only there a short time and I tried to photograph as much as possible as I saw appropriate.
Keep these families and communities in your thoughts and prayers. And may you all be grateful for what you have and who you have in your life.

-Shanna Mae




Chas + Dusti : Fairfield Engagement

On a chilly but sunny Montana day, smiles were contagious as Chas and Dusti told their story of how they met and how Chas proposed. Chas and Dusti met through mutual friends in college…..his roommates were dating her roommates…it was just meant to be!
Dusti laughed as she told of how Chas proposed after an argument about chickens, which then made us all laugh.

The fun couple is planning a gorgeous wedding in Lewistown Montana near Dusti’s home town. I cannot wait to photograph this couple on their beautiful day!

_12A9482LbIt’s so much fun when a couple plans to use their family’s ranch for the theme of their engagement photos!

_12A9560Lbwb_12A9576LbAs they told their story anyone could just see the love they have for each other in their eyes and smiles.
_12A9622Lb _12A9602LbThis cattle chute is the same place Chas had his high school senior photos taken.

_12A9682Lb_12A9741Lb_12A0067LbJust look at that blue sky and yellow field! I love photographing in Montana!

_12A9888Lb_12A9841Lb_12A9890Lb_12A0022LbWhy wouldn’t we have a little fun in the snow on this gorgeous day?!

_12A0040Lb_12A0006Lb_12A9998Lb_12A9985Lb _12A9973Lbwb_12A0125Lb_12A0167Lb_12A0217Lb_12A0220Lb_12A0282LbThe view was absolutely stunning!

{Sweet & Intimate} Yana & Jeff’s Hyalite Montana Wedding

It started with a long drive to Hyalite Reservoir and getting lost trying to find Grotto Falls. Chelsea and I were ecstatic to photograph this small, intimate wedding for Yana and Jeff.
Everyone (all 8 of us) gathered at the trailhead to Grotto Falls and made the trek to the waterfall. The Elser’s (Jeff’s family) have been long time friends of my family. We went to church together, went to school together, played music together, etc. So I was thrilled to be able to photograph this wedding and what a perfect wedding this was!
I love the idea of having a small, simple ceremony is such a gorgeous location!
Jeff’s father, Marc, officiated the ceremony while both mothers held the rings and unity sand, and Jeff’s sister filmed the events.
The ceremony was lovely with the waterfall roaring in the background, birds singing, and the sun shining through the trees.
I hope you enjoy these photos just as much as I did while taking them!

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Jim & Lauren’s Gorgeous Chico Wedding

In August, Jim & Lauren tied the knot at the Chico Hot Springs Resort just outside of Pray, MT.  I have never photographed anything here and was absolutely excited when they asked me to photograph their wedding!
I’ve known Jim most of my life living in the same town and I met Lauren while hanging out at the dropzone for Skydive Bozeman in Threeforks, MT a few years back. And that is where it all started for Jim & Lauren. How fun is that, being able to skydive with the love of your life?!
The wedding day started out kind of crazy, expecting rain and watching the storm roll in. But the show must go on so umbrellas came out and Jim & Lauren had the ceremony in the rain.
Such a fun group of people to photograph and hang out with all night. I must say that everyone definitely brought their dance skills to the table that night! So fun!

_12A8464L_12A8492L_12A8515L_12A8698L_MG_8501L_12A8761L_12A8762Lbw_MG_8531L_MG_8516L_12A8771L_MG_8562L_12A8828L_12A9136L_12A9218L_12A9272L_12A9300L_12A9376L_12A9398L_12A9420L_12A9442L_12A9471L_12A9500L_12A9517L_12A9573L_12A9618L_12A9624L_12A9668L_MG_8849L_12A9838L_12A9894 (1)L_12A0237Lbw_12A0247L_12A0252b_12A0268L_12A0272L_12A0341L_12A0366L_12A0569L_12A0601L_12A0618 (1)L_12A0698 (1)L_12A0847L_12A0858 (1)L_12A0913L